olivo centenario en Sierra Nevada del olivar de almazara Quaryat Dillar
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Olive harvest in Sierra Nevada – Granada

Quaryat Dillar green olives in Sierra Nevada in transportation belt to the hoppel in the mill

As every year, in Quaryat Dillar Oil Mill in Sierra Nevada (Granada), we have finished our early olive harvest to obtain the best green oils in the area. This year we already finished our own harvest, and we have produced our premium QUARYAT early harvest extra virgin olive oils.

We leave you here a few photos of the harvesting process.

Every year in October, we carry out the production of our green gold, the Quaryat oil. We take care of each phase of the process to obtain in our products the flavour and quality that characterize them.

In the olive harvest of the best oils of Sierra Nevada, we treat the fruits with the greatest possible care and in a respectful way. We try to improve our production processes, to obtain an oil of higher quality every time, using techniques that are increasingly advanced and less harmful to the environment.

The harvesting is carried out through traditional stranding methods, also mechanical harvesters. Depending on each tree and soil, one harvesting method or another will be used, always respecting the olives and trees of Sierra Nevada.

Batido aceitunas de cosecha temprana en Sierra Nevada de la Almazara Quaryat Dillar

These olives are subjected to a shake of about 30 minutes and cold pressed, that is, at around 20ºC, in order to obtain the best olive juice.
this oil is obtained only by mechanical processes. Extra virgin olive oils are later stored in stainless steel drums.

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cartel de feria de aceite de oliva virgen extra