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Best EVOO of Spain

The prestigious Italian competition for the best extra virgin olive oil EVO IOOC Italy is one of the most renowned in the field of olive oil. This year they had already published the results of the awards.

In this edition of 2021 in total, more than 700 samples of EVOO and seasonings based on EVOO from a total of 36 countries have been presented.

We, at Quaryat Dillar Mill in Granada, have also wanted to be part and participate in this important contest and have presented our oil.

Only from Spain 63 brands in total have participated in the contest, where our Quaryat Arbequina has obtained a gold medal for quality.

Concurso Evo Iocc. Reconocimiento de Quaryat Arbequina como el mejor aove de españa
Quaryat Arbequina Best EVOO of Spain

This contest also presents a ranking of the best oils by country and Quaryat Arbequina has obtained the EVO IOOCC 2021 Best of Spain award. We are the best EVOO in Spain!

From Quaryat Dillar Oil Mill in Sierra Nevada (Granada) we are very happy with the recognition that our oils are having. We see our effort rewarded and this encourages us to continue working hard to improve. It is a pride to be the producers of the best EVOO in Spain.

Thanks to all of you who make this possible!

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