olivo centenario en Sierra Nevada del olivar de almazara Quaryat Dillar
Quaryat Dillar's Blog Tras varias generaciones dedicadas a la agricultura y el sector olivarero, la familia Velasco Gil fundó en 2009 una almazara en Dílar, un pueblo granadino de Sierra Nevada.


Oleotourism to get close to Nature

vista de jóvenes a la almazara Quaryat Dillar actividad oleoturismo

As a family business, we are keen to share our passion for olive oil making and everything that it entails. From farming to pressing, it all takes place in the surroundings of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Natural and National Parks. That is another reason we have open our facilities to visitors for some time now in our Oleotourism activities. Besides, we operate under the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and are members of Europarc and Spain’s Ecotourism Club. We believe in sustainability and, to quote directly from our stated company values, “work for the preservation of our surroundings and traditions”. Our tours aim to offer our guests a learning experience in which to feel part of our company for one day. Our Tours are structured as follows.

Oleotourism activity programme

1.- We welcome our visitors at the mill in Dílar , a small town just 12 km from Granada city, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.

2.- We take you to see the grove where the mill is situated. Then take a walk through while discussing farming, growing the trees and the importance of the fruit when making an EVOO. We explain environmentally friendly practices used by our mill and farm businesses. Depending on the time of year, look or even take part in some of the work taking place in the fields (harvest, pruning etc.).

3.- After that, we head back to the mill and look at the olive oil making process step by step. We follow the fruit until it becomes juice. We explaining our view on each part of the process so as to end up with one of the most awarded EVOOs in Sierra Nevada.

  • Reception yard
  • Factory
  • Cellar
  • Bottling

Again, we highlight environmental concerns within the industry and how we deal with them to minimise our CO2 and hydric footprint.

4.- After visiting our facilities, we offer an introduction to olive oil tasting. During this activity, we learn about labelling, shopping for olive oil and the main attributes of extra virgin oils with an emphasis on the tasting and telling apart extra virgins from the rest.

5.- We finish the tour by enjoying a desayuno molinero (millman breakfast), a sampling of bread from Pan de mi pueblo –a local organic bakery- to soak in our four Quaryat varieties labelled a Sierra Nevada Natural Park Food product.

At the end of the visit there will be time for you to ask us all your doubts and you will be able to compensate for the CO2 footprint that your visit to the Almazara de Sierra Nevada has implied!

group of adults visit the Quaryat Dillar oil mill with the aim of learning about the processes and stages of extraction of a good extra virgin olive oil, the Sierra Nevada oil

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