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Quaryat Dillar's Blog Tras varias generaciones dedicadas a la agricultura y el sector olivarero, la familia Velasco Gil fundó en 2009 una almazara en Dílar, un pueblo granadino de Sierra Nevada.


The best evoo 2017, in a small village of Sierra Nevada (Granada)

Mejores aceites de oliva virgen extra Sierra Nervada 2017, los mejores aove 2017

2017 best EVOOs in the international stage


2017 has brought no lack of good news at Quaryat Dillar. Above all, we have reaped the benefits of a great year at the mill and groves.

On reflection, hard work and patience are the winning horses when it is pay off time as we have experienced throughout the last few months.

Since the turn of the year, we have received a plethora of recognitions to distinguish our EVOO range as one of the best worldwide. Fifteen specialised competitions renowned in the industry for naming the absolute best have judged the oils from our small mill located on the foothills of Sierra Nevada (Granada) to be amongst the finest in the world.

Good enough reasons to start this entry and make a list of all the awards and mentions accumulated in 2017.


2017 best EVOOs in the international stage


Gold medals for the best olive oil


Los Angeles International Olive oil Competition. This prestigious gold medal was once again for our most awarded Quaryat oil to date, our single variety Picual. More than 600 producers entered this competition from which the best in 2017 are selected.Recibimos el premio a los mejores aove 2017 por parte del Concurso Monocultivar

Italy’s Gino Celetti Olive Oil Competition for single varieties also awarded our Quaryat Picual the gold medal.

– Still in Italy, every year the BIOL International Organic Olive Oil Competition designates the highest quality products from pesticide free groves. Quayat was this year’s chosen winner.  Winning at BIOL establishes our Quaryat Organic as one of the best in the world in 2017.

– Back in the US, NYIOOC –New York’s verdict on the year’s best oils- also gave our Quaryat Picual a morale boosting gold medal.

– In the same contest, the joy was coupled with another gold medal and best in its category for our organic Quaryat.

– Terraolivo is the most important olive oil competition covering the Mediterranean and Asian regions in Israel. For the second year running, our single variety Picual was granted the Grand Prestige Gold medal, a sign of a consistently superb quality product.

– Last but not least, Best in Granada. This is where we are from and where we live and work so this recognition by the provincial council has heaped a lot of personal satisfaction on us because of the relevance to the families and local businesses we work with.

Silver, a recognition of outstanding evoo quality


– Our single variety Arbequina, a medium intensity and sweet flavoured oil from our Quaryat range has been awarded a Silver medal at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition.

– In Cannes, Les Olivalies is a yearly competition on a quest to find the best EVOOs in three categories (green, ripe and black fruity). Our Arbequina has been handed a silver medal, subscribing to our view on the organoleptic qualities of this oil.

mejores aceites de oliva virgen extra 2017

What the leading players in the industry said


Throughout the year, various competitions, institutions and other players in the industry look to promote and highlight the best oils worldwide. They make a selection based on competitions won for the current harvest or through tasting panels staffed by the most prominent industry experts. We would like to mention the most far reaching endorsements to date.

One example is L’Orciolo d’oro, the Italian contest under the Food Ministry patronage gave our mill a Special Mention. For the first time, our organic Quaryat has been included in the world famous Marco Oreggia’s Flos Olei Guide. Another guide -the Spanish EVOOLEUM– has ranked us in their world top 100 for 2017 while there was also another mention at Expoliva and the EVOO World Ranking had us in their world’s top 25.

In Germany, another quality minded market, the Der-feinschmecker magazine has also taken notice of our oils. This publication is dedicated to finding the best oils in the world and has placed Quaryat in their best 50 for 2017. Finally, we proudly write, The World’s Best Olive Oils designs a list based on gained awards and we are in the top 30 for the 2016/17 harvest.

These awards and recognitions from the most influential institutions in the international arena represent not only a judgement on a product, but also on the work at the mill, on the groves and it is also thanks to the biodiversity of the beautiful environment in which we make our products.

Quaryat Dillar continues to work to produce the best oils in Sierra Nevada while looking after our Natural Park.






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