The fruit from Sierra Nevada.The surroundings

Quaryat’s secret is actually there for all to see. From Granada, one can admire the majestic Sierra Nevada peaks and their towering presence over the Natural and National Parks of the same name. On their foothills, 1000 metres above sea level, the light and air of the mountains create a unique set of conditions and these, in turn, will result in unique fruit as well.

As proof of the commitment of this project to fit in with the surrounding nature, Quaryat Dillar certifies its products under organic and integrated production labels. We also provide eco-tours and operate as members of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism and its forum. Thanks also to the location and authenticity of these products; we also display the Andalusia Natural Park Brand label on our bottles. The recycling and after life of all industry byproducts (via organic fertilizer, biomass or energy) It is our way to give back to nature.

The legacy of our estateEcology

A key part of our work consists in keeping our 140 acres of olive groves in a way that preserves the native biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park where it is located.

We use a blend of traditional nous and the latest technologies, operating from the utmost respect for the environment and painstakingly carrying out our work to guarantee our systems are sustainable. We proudly display our organic and integrated production certificates on our bottles.

The real olive oil factory is in the tree, its fruit containing the juice we will carefully extract by mechanical and natural processes, preserving the singularities and authentic extra virgin qualities intact.