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A taste of Sierra Nevada

Come and visit our family estate and olive oil mill right in the heart of a beautiful enclave and discover the secrets of extra virgin olive oil.

The land where Quaryat products begin their journey is a bare 15 min from Granada city and it is a place of significant environmental value. It is in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, a high altitude environment of well-preserved nature.

Surprise family and Friends by taking them on a special visit to see first-hand how premium oil is made the traditional way. Learn to tell apart the different varieties and qualities and simply admire one of Granada’s most captivating beauty spots.

We recommend our Mill man breakfast tour. During this visit, there is a guided tour of the groves and olive oil mill facilities before going into an educational introduction to olive oil tasting. Finally, relax and treat yourself to local organic bread and delicious olive oil to practice your newly learnt tasting skills.

Some available services for your visit:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off services for bespoke visits (up to four guests).
  • Hiking or horse riding outings through ancient olive groves and some of the areas’ best known natural sites.
  • Bespoke tours in English and Spanish.
  • Educational culinary experience: sample tasting of different olive oils and food pairing ideas.

As a touristic service, we are part of Sierra Nevada’s network of tourist information points and operate under the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. We are one of a selected few establishments accredited as preferred tourist information point and eco-tour provider.

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