The Andalusian grovesThe history

Velasco-Gil family

Quaryat Dillar is old Andalusian for Village of Dílar. This project feeds on agricultural ways and means of a culture that goes back hundreds of years and it embraces those farmers’ olive grove care giving tradition. Our family is a part of this enduring effort and what better way to pay tribute to our ancestors than taking on the challenge of preserving our much loved land for future generations.

Jose María Velasco Gil

Founder and Director

Antonio Velasco Gil

Founder and Director

Serhiy (El primo Sergio)

Farming operations

José Roa Gil

Olive oil tourism

Eduardo Gil Velasco

Production Manager

Mission, vision and values

From the early days, Quaryat Dillar olive oil mill has set its aims high when it comes to its responsibilities as a company. It is built on three non-negotiable aspirations.

Mission: To manufacture, market and export a premium local product by devoting all the resources at our disposal for the overall benefit of the precious land we call home; and to promote its name around the world in useful ways.

Vision: To create a reputation in the international markets for a local product, to consolidate its personality and distinctiveness in the demanding extra virgin olive oil industry.

Values: Preservation of our surroundings, tradition and innovation. Our three core principles guide us in every stage of the process, in all our actions and decisions.