The legacy of our mill The project

After generations dedicated to agriculture and many years farming the olive trees in our estate, the Velasco-Gil family founded in 2009 an olive oil mill in Dilar, a small town in Sierra Nevada. The aim was to produce oils with a distinct personality for the international market.

Due to its health attributes, our making process and quality control systems, Quaryat extra virgin oils are an exceptionally natural product. Moreover, we make it our priority to reduce our environmental footprint and to protect our surroundings by consciously controlling every step throughout the production cycle.

Our method

Grown in a natural environment under unique circumstances, the fruit harvested in Sierra Nevada is a treat in itself. Turning exceptional olives into a deserving olive oil of the same quality requires experience and resources. At our facilities, we have at our disposal the knowledge and tools to produce the best olive juice. We blend innovation and the traditional oil making nous to make premium olive oils.

Looking after our environment and our unswerving quest for oil making perfection through research represent our two guiding working principles and our products already conform to organic and integrated production standards. Besides, our products conform to the Sierra Nevada Natural Park Brand regulations for local farming products.

The process

There are four steps to making our delicious Quaryat oils, each one subject to stringent quality control systems. In just under two hours, the process is completed, thus avoiding the loss of any qualities during the different steps.