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Olive harvesting in Sierra Nevada (Granada)

13 - November - 2016 | Quaryat sustainability

From Quaryat Dillar EVOO makers in Sierra Nevada (Granada), we want to share with you a short film highlighting the hard work, passion and love that goes into making Quaryat extra virgin olive oils, our fresh olive juice as we prefer to call it. The whole process is edited here down to two mins, it […]

Best Olive Oil in Granada: a meaningful recognition

10 - June - 2016 | Quaryat awards

We have just received encouraging news and no doubt a morale booster for the team behind this great project. Last July at our facilities, we received first prize at Sabor Granada. This is a council run competition to pick the best EVOO in Granada and our Quayat Picual dominated the event by getting the most […]

evoo QUARYAT shines in Italy (Twice)

18 - March - 2016 | Quaryat awards

We want the world to know the benefits of EVVOs produced in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park in Granada. This time we have travelled to Pesaro (Italy) to take part in the famous L’Orciolo d’Oro the prestigious international competition. The results couldn’t be more encouraging as two of our EVOOs have received a special mention. This […]

Tryumphal start of 2016 for Quaryat as it gets into Flos Olei

12 - January - 2016 | Quaryat awards

2016 will see our QUARYAT BLEND extra virgin olive oil enter Flos Olei, Marco Oreggia’s guide to the best EVOOs worldwide and be given a maximum score. Our Picual, Arbequina and Organic oils have also merited a special mention. Flos Olei ( Marco Oreggia ) describes, popularises and promotes those EVOOs that excel in the selection process. Only 80/100 […]