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Oleotourism to get close to Nature

3 - February - 2018 | Quaryat sustainability

As a family business, we are keen to share our passion for olive oil making and everything that it entails. From farming to pressing, it all takes place in the surroundings of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Natural and National Parks and that is another reason we have open our facilities to visitors for some time […]

Quaryat Blend dressed juicy cooked salmon

29 - December - 2016 | Quaryat recipies

salmón al estilo Quaryat Blend

Today our culinary offering is a no fuss, exquisite, healthy salmon recipe. An elegantly flavoursome dish given the right amount of spicing and cooking. As usual, the key to making a great dish is quality ingredients. Let’s get cooking then! Quaryat Blend salmon ingredients 1 medallion of quality salmon Half a small onion Pepper Parsley […]

Oro líquido y Oro mundial nuestro Quaryat Picual

5 - July - 2016 | Quaryat awards

NYIOOC son las siglas de la mayor y más publicada competición de aceite de oliva virgen extra a nivel mundial, la New York International Olive Oil Competition. El fundamento de su popularidad a nivel mundial proviene de la calidad de sus jueces que se escogen de entre los mejores expertos degustadores de aove, y de […]