Quaryat Blend dressed juicy cooked salmon

29 - December - 2016 | Quaryat recipies

salmón al estilo Quaryat Blend

Today our culinary offering is a no fuss, exquisite, healthy salmon recipe. An elegantly flavoursome dish given the right amount of spicing and cooking. As usual, the key to making a great dish is quality ingredients. Let’s get cooking then!

Quaryat Blend salmon ingredients

1 medallion of quality salmon

Half a small onion



Pitted olives


EVVO (Quaryat Blend)

salmón cocido al estilo Blend

Let’s do it…

Firstly, fill a frying pan with enough water to later cover the salmon and begin to heat.

Place kitchen foil on a table to later wrap the medallion and chop the onion olives and parsley. Once done place the salmon on the foil and add the spices. Add the ground pepper, onion, olives and parsley in that order and on both sides of the medallion and then wrap the salmon with the kitchen foil.

When the water hits boiling point, put the wrapped fish in and cook for 15 min. After this time, we take it off the fire, remove the excess water from the wrap and carefully take the salmon out. The final touches will be essential to giving the dish the extra flavour and softness we want.

To take it to the next level, now salt the dish to your personal taste and add Quaryat Blend EVOO over it. A simple and effective boost for all other ingredients as it binds together the dish, adding a Mediterranean touch to this combination of land and sea flavours. For best decorative effect, pour Quaryat Blend in graceful golden strings over your meal and enjoy the tenderness and silky textures that brings to the dish.

We hope you and your family enjoy cooking together. Buen apetito!

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