Ecotourism, Quaryat promotes a sustainable future for Sierra Nevada

17 - September - 2016 | Quaryat sustainability

Ecoturismo en el parque natural de Sierra Nevada la Almazara Quaryat Dillar realiza actividades de Oleoturismo responsable con el medio ambiente

What is ecotourism?

Ecotourism is nowadays defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”. In practice, ecotourism brings together a myriad of activities such as water sports, hiking, food tourism, stargazing and any other activities taking place in rural areas that help to preserve the local environment and its conservation areas.

From the early days, Quaryat Dillar has taken steps to become a leading example when it comes to protecting the environment. Being awarded Andalusian Natural Park commercial brand status has been a major driver for us, and we take pride in our contribution towards protecting our environmental heritage here in the Sierra Nevada National Reserve. However, our involvement goes further. At international level, we belong to EUROPARC, a network dedicated to improving the management of iconic landscapes across Europe through international cooperation and the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Logo Europarc al que pertenece la Almazara Quaryat Dillar en su búsqueda por el desarrollo sostenible de los espacios protegidos

In our quest for sustainability, we also operate as members of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. This agreement looks to implement a strategy to develop working policies for the benefit of Protected Areas currently jeopardised by human activity and a public’s lack of awareness.

Our contribution

As members of EUROPARC, we offer a range of services focused on connecting people to nature, to what she gives to us, and teaching how to be thankful to her. This year we have taken part in the European Day of Parks, which aims to raise the profile of our local protected areas on the same day across Europe and it’s organised by EUROPARC. We have done so by gathering into a book some of the finest local recipes from our participating members. It was a thoroughly successful event and our choice of fennel stew as a staple dish brought together a lot of people. We enjoyed a classic mill man breakfast served on delicious organic local bread (thanks Pan de Mi Pueblo!) using our own heavenly organic olive oil produce.

As part of our company’s mission statement, we aim to educate the public on how to contribute to preserving our privileged natural surroundings. We organise our own activities around this idea, promoting nature through one of nature’s finest products. Grown with the upmost respect for the environment, our products have a definite taste of Sierra Nevada!

La Almazara Quaryat Dillar pertenece a la Marca Parque Natural de Andalucía que le certifica como una empresa preocupada por la sostenibilidad del medio ambiente y del Parque Natural al que pertenece

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