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Oleotourism to get close to Nature

3 - February - 2018 | Quaryat sustainability

As a family business, we are keen to share our passion for olive oil making and everything that it entails. From farming to pressing, it all takes place in the surroundings of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Natural and National Parks and that is another reason we have open our facilities to visitors for some time […]

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Quaryat Blend dressed juicy cooked salmon

salmón al estilo Quaryat Blend

29 - December - 2016 | Quaryat recipies

Today our culinary offering is a no fuss, exquisite, healthy salmon recipe. An elegantly flavoursome dish given the right amount of spicing and cooking. As usual, the key to making a great dish is quality ingredients. Let’s get cooking then! Quaryat Blend salmon ingredients 1 medallion of quality salmon Half a small onion Pepper Parsley […]

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Olive harvesting in Sierra Nevada (Granada)

13 - November - 2016 | Quaryat sustainability

From Quaryat Dillar EVOO makers in Sierra Nevada (Granada), we want to share with you a short film highlighting the hard work, passion and love that goes into making Quaryat extra virgin olive oils, our fresh olive juice as we prefer to call it. The whole process is edited here down to two mins, it […]

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Ecotourism, Quaryat promotes a sustainable future for Sierra Nevada

Ecoturismo en el parque natural de Sierra Nevada la Almazara Quaryat Dillar realiza actividades de Oleoturismo responsable con el medio ambiente

17 - September - 2016 | Quaryat sustainability

What is ecotourism? Ecotourism is nowadays defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”. In practice, ecotourism brings together a myriad of activities such as water sports, hiking, food tourism, stargazing and any other activities taking place in rural areas […]

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Double score for our EVOO at Terraolivo in Israel

25 - August - 2016 | Quaryat awards

Terraolivo is one of five key EVOO competitions in the world. This is true because of the wide geographical area covered and the increasing number of samples taking part each year, but also for the reputation of the international jury and their professional standing in their own countries of origin. So in with the good […]

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Quaryat Organic enhances its reputation in Italy

29 - July - 2016 | Quaryat awards

The competition The Domina International Olive Oil Contest (DIOOC) has been launched this year in Italy. Besides judging the best EVOOS of the season, it brings together producers and consumers with the aim of widening their knowledge of each other’s end of our industry. In this the first edition, our Quaryat Organic has been given a […]

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